ex-racehorse program

The Ballyoch Ex-racehorse program is a joint venture between Ballyoch and Godolphin NSW, Racing NSW, and BackTrack Youthworks to retrain and rehome retired racehorses for their next career step in life. Ballyoch works closely with each horse throughout the training process, learning its personality, individual traits and abilities. This in-depth understanding ensures each horse is connected with the best owner. 

In addition, BackTrack youth are mentored by the Ballyoch team throughout this process, learning horsemanship skills and assisting with the establishment and upkeep of facilities. 

Ballyoch continue to offer support, knowledge and assistance to all new owners and their horses into the future, including offering new owners exclusive access to a free, three-day clinic to assist riders in getting to know their new horse and how to get the most out of it.