Please browse below to see our current Ex-racehorses for sale. These horses have come to Ballyoch from either Godolphin NSW or Racing NSW and have spent at least 12 weeks in retraining with Nora and Pat.

photo of the horse Benny


Born 02/09/2013
Bay gelding
Sire/Dam: New Approach (IRE) / Long Stem Red (AUS)
Suitable for intermediate rider, dressage or show horse, adult riding school

Benny came to Ballyoch from Godolphin NSW. With his big heart and love for attention, Benny is the teddy bear of the group. Benny has a big body and was therefore never used for racing. Since arriving at Ballyoch, Benny has learned the basics of dressage and jumping, and has consistently been out trail riding and mustering cattle. Benny is looking for a forever home with someone who wants to do a bit of everything with a quiet and safe horse. 

photo of the horse Thelma


Born 26/10/2013
Brown mare
Sire/Dam: Ready’s Image (USA) / Chitani
Suitable for all levels, family, trail riding or accompanying horse

Thelma came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. She is a sweet natured, big and impressive looking mare. Athleticism is not her strong point and she is not for someone wanting a competitive horse. Instead, she will suit someone wanting a trail horse or a company horse.

military duke
photo of the horse Big Duke

‘Big Duke’

Born 19/08/2011
Chestnut gelding
Sire/Dam: Duke of Marmalade (IRE) / Arroyo Belle
Suitable for all levels, adult riding school

Duke came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. He is the big brother of all the Ballyoch horses with a relaxed ‘been there, done that’ attitude, and a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ approach to life. Even though he is big and heavy, Duke loves to perform and enjoys low level jumping. He is currently used to give lessons at Ballyoch and as a trail riding/cattle mustering horse. Duke is a lovely fellow and safe for all levels of riders. 

Roman jewel
photo of the horse Roman


Born 02/10/2015
Brown mareSire/Dam: Roman Emperor (NZL) / Jewelled Crown Suitable for intermediate/advanced rider, competitive dressage or show horse

Roman came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. She is our biggest horse, standing at 17hh, and She’s got the moves and the looks that will bring home gold in the future. Roman has three seamless gaits that make her a great show or dressage prospect. 

Salthouse (IRE)
photo of the horse Salty


Born 15/05/2012
Chestnut gelding
Sire/Dam: Teofilo (IRE) / Sugarhoneybaby (IRE) 
Suitable for advanced rider, competitive showjumper or eventing 

Salty came to Ballyoch from Godolphin NSW. He is an absolute athlete, like an ice hockey player he’s got the talent and plenty of attitude. During his racehorse career, Salty raced 11 times, winning once and placing multiple times before retirement. Since arriving at Ballyoch, Salty has shown real potential as a future jumper or eventer. He loves new challenges and always goes to work with his ears forward.

photo of the horse Nina


Born 07/10/2015
Chestnut mare
Sire/Dam: Star Witness / Perfect Finish 
Suitable for all levels, dressage, intermediate eventing or polo, pony club

Shabina came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. She is your typical chestnut mare who puts everyone in line at feeding time, however when it comes to work she is always putting her best foot forward. Shabina has the potential to become an all-round sport horse as she is brave, talented and doesn’t shy away from new challenges.

Sister Wife
photo of the horse Sister


Born 10/09/2016
Brown mare
Sire/Dam: Epaulette / Polygamist 
Suitable for advanced riders, competitive show jumping

Sister came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. She is an eye catching young mare with great moves and a kind nature. She is still very green, but is already showing great potential to become a future show jumper. Sister is very aware of herself and her environment, and needs a good rider to build her confidence.

Sister is starting her career as a show jumper with Ballyoch’s own team member, Nora.

photo of the horse Socks


Born 20/10/2014
Chestnut gelding
Sire/Dam: Pluck (USA) / Spurnof 
Suitable for intermediate/advanced riders, dressage, intermediate eventing or polo, pony club

Socks came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. He is an absolute sweetheart, the kindest raceshorse around, always wanting to please whoever is working with him. Socks is quiet and reliable and would suit a junior rider who is looking for the next addition to his or her team. Socks is a great ride and has potential to become competitive as an equestrian sporter. 

Water union
photo of the horse Showman


Born 12/08/2015
Chestnut gelding
Sire/Dam: Star Witness / Junipers (NZL) 
Suitable for intermediate/advanced riders, competitive eventing or show jumping

Showman came to Ballyoch via Racing NSW. Measuring 162cm, Showman might be the smallest member of our team, but he loves to show off and perform just as much as the bigger horses. Showman loves to jump and have fun with his rider, and there is sure to never be a boring day when you are riding him. Showman would suit a competitive eventing or show jumping home.