black and white photo of man and horse

Patrick Herde

Ballyoch Manager & Horse Breaker/Trainer
Patrick has over 20 years of experience in horse breaking and training. Prior to establishing Ballyoch in 2017, he worked as a horse breaker throughout Australia, Spain, and Scotland. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, particularly young kids.

Patrick started riding as a young boy on his family’s property near Goondiwindi, mustering sheep and cattle. Throughout his teenage years, he became interested in training horses using methods that he learnt from Buck Brannaman and Ray Hunt. 

After finishing school, Patrick travelled to Northern Australia where he worked as a contract horse breaker. During the wet season breaks, Patrick travelled to Dartmoor Victoria, where he broke horses and competed in rodeo events in his spare time; and Granada, Spain, where he worked with Spanish riding horses. He also gained invaluable experience with polo horses whilst working in Scotland in 2016 as a breaker for a professional player in Montrose.

After moving to Deepwater and establishing Ballyoch, Patrick began taking on horses for breaking and training across all disciplines, including polo, campdrafting, endurance, pony club, eventing and racing.
He is a natural teacher and mentor who is generous in sharing his skills and knowledge with others. Patrick is proud to work closely with BackTrack Youth Works, providing mentorship and work opportunities for the kids in the program.

Patrick loves continuing to learn and believes that while all disciplines require unique elements from a horse, they also complement each other. His vision is that Ballyoch continues to grow as a centre of excellent horsemanship, skilled riders and opportunity for people in the community.  

woman holding reigns of two horses

Nora Eranpalo

Ballyoch Stable Manager & Horse Breaker/Trainer
Hailing from Finland, Nora has established an impressive international career in horses, working and competing in Finland, Spain, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, and Australia for world renowned show jumping and racing stables. 

Nora was just two years old when she began riding and discovered what would become her lifelong passion for show jumping. As soon as she was old enough, she found a job working in stables so that she could pay for lessons in show jumping and dressage. Nora also discovered her love for teaching both horses and riders at a young age. She soon began breaking and training young horses and sharing her skills and knowledge through coaching other riders. Her natural horsemanship and warm personality make both horses and riders feel instantly confident and at ease in her presence.

With her second-to-none discipline, natural horsemanship and fine-tuned technique, Nora excelled in the competitive arena, competing successfully at a national level in Finland and international level abroad. Her show jumping highlights have been competing with and being coached by top level show jumpers in Spain, and training and competing teams of six horses for professional show jumping stable in Abu Dhabi.

After developing a passion for gallopers whilst working at a show jumping and racing stable in New Zealand, Nora relocated to Australia with her partner John and worked at esteemed racing stables Gollan Racing, Acquis and Washpool Lodge before moving to Deepwater to work at Ballyoch full-time as a stable manager, breaker and trainer.